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What to Expect When

Using Redmond Trophy Rock 

Redmond Trophy Rock is an all-natural deer mineral supplement that provides deer with electrolytes and trace minerals needed for optimum health. Deer love the minerals in Trophy Rock, and hunters and deer managers trust it as a high-quality, natural choice to attract and nourish deer. 

Already use and love the Rock? We’ve got tips to help you use it better. New to the Rock and have questions? We’ve got recommendations to get you started right. Let’s take a minute and talk rocks. 

5 Things You Can Count On

So you’ve picked a prime spot for your mineral site and set out a Trophy Rock. (Haven’t set up a site yet? Learn how here.) What happens next? What should you expect from your Rock? 

Trophy Rock deer minerals last longer in the field and draws in high numbers of deer and other critters.

Trophy Rock lasts longer in the field and draws in high numbers of deer and other critters.

  • High usage. Expect deer—and other animals—to visit your site often, especially in spring and summer. Deer love the 60+ natural trace minerals in Trophy Rock. 
  • Sweet shots. Got a trail cam set up nearby? Get ready to capture some share-worthy pics and video of critters using the Rock.  
  • Lasts longer. Trophy Rock holds up better in the field than manufactured deer mineral blocks, which means you get more use out of it.  
  • Animal antics. Animals are known to do funny and sometimes frustrating things with Trophy Rock. We’ve caught bear on camera packing rocks off, elk rolling them around for play, cattle breaking down fences to get access. And just recently, a team Hunt member had three rocks successively stolen by a masked bandit (raccoon) that stowed them under a tumble-down shed. Critters love Trophy Rock, and when one crosses their path? Don’t be surprised if they check it out, lick it—and sometimes steal it. 
  • August decline. Deer usually leave Trophy Rock around mid-August. This is expected, and we’ve got the solution to keep your deer coming back. But more on that in a minute.

How Long Does Trophy Rock Last? 

It depends, but one to three months is generally the time frame most last in the field. You want to swap out your Rock when it gets to about the size of a softball. Its longevity depends on three things:  placement, weather, and usage.

Elevate Redmond Trophy Rock on a stump, stand, or larger rock for best use.

Elevate Redmond Trophy Rock on a stump, stand, or larger rock for best use.


Trophy Rock lasts much longer if you avoid mud puddles, so get it up off the ground! We recommend setting it on a stump, a larger rock, a stand, or something similar. Deer will also appreciate it being elevated, as they can lick it in a less defensive posture.


Rain, snow, and humidity are things you can’t control. If your area is experiencing particularly wet weather and your Rock is out in the open, it’s going to dissolve faster. As mentioned, however, elevating it will keep it out of puddles that melt it more quickly. You might also consider adding a high roof or covering over your Rock to protect it from rain and snow.  


Several factors play into how much Rock deer use. Is your herd large? Is it spring/summer and deer are growing antlers or nursing fawns? If so, they’ll use it more. Deer generally hit the Rock hard from March to mid-August—the peak season for antler growth and when does are supporting growing fetuses and nursing fawns. Check out the graph below to see months when deer use Trophy Rock most. 

Graph showing how much Trophy Rock and Cherry Bomb deer use throughout the year.

What Should You Do When Deer Leave Trophy Rock? 

Like we mentioned, it’s totally natural for use of the Rock to drop significantly around mid-August. Why? By that time bucks’ antlers are going to a hard horn and most does are weaning nursing fawns, which means their nutritional needs change and demand for minerals dives. 

You can make sure deer keep coming back, however, by adding Cherry Bomb, our long-range attractant, to your mineral site. We recommend introducing Cherry Bomb around July 4th and keeping it supplied through December. Gradually increasing it works best to avoid alarming or putting off deer with a sudden change.  

Cherry Bomb is satisfyingly sweet, smells amazing from even far away, and is a great way to supplement feed. It comes in apple and cherry flavors, with palatable protein ingredients and vitamins and minerals to attract and nourish deer. 

Stock the Rock Year Round 

Keep Trophy Rock minerals for deer available at your mineral site year-round.

Keep Redmond Trophy Rock deer minerals available at your site year-round.

While deer may decrease use of Trophy Rock towards the end of summer, it’s important to keep it available at mineral sites year-round. Deer still lick on the Rock through fall and winter, and having access to balanced minerals helps them recover from the stress of the rut and weather winter easier.

So make sure to visit your mineral site and replace or recharge Trophy Rock and Cherry Bomb when needed. Click below to stock up on both quality Redmond Hunt deer mineral products today! 


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