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The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed our lives. We are facing more anxiety and uncertainty than usual.  If we are not deliberate at making time for outdoor activities that reduce stress and relax the mind it will eventually catch up with us. It’s not just about carving out more time away from the hectic world either, it’s also how we approach it.  The next time you head out to check trail cameras, recharge your Trophy Rock sites, tend to a food plot or hang a new stand try being more present during these short solo getaways.  Don’t allow your mind to wander during the task at hand.  When you sit in your blind this fall turn off the cell phone for a period of time and practice being more mentally aware of your surroundings. The new buzzword for this is mindfulness.  It is a form of meditation while actively doing simple tasks.  It’s proven it will reduce stress and lower anxiety as we tackle life’s bigger challenges.  The internet has plenty of good sites that provide helpful tips for practicing mindfulness. Check them out and try a mindfulness exercise the next time in the field, it will not only increase your mental health but it may also make you a better hunter.