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“Deer stepped right over my corn pile and hammered the Cherry Bomb. Amazing product!” – K. Jennings, Ohio
“My buck was nocturnal, so I bombed him, he day-lighted and I was able to seal the deal!” – C. Liles, Kansas
“Need to kill your hit list buck? Bomb him!” – R. Mason, Kentucky

We have waited years to find a product that could hold up to those statements. We’re excited to announce a new product line to our Redmond Hunt family that does just that – Cherry Bomb! After years of testing and development, we’re proud to introduce a deer attractant line that’s worthy to sit side by side with our other proven products you’ve come to trust like Trophy Rock and Four65.

Cherry Bomb is a long range protein and mineral enriched attractant. It will be available in a variety of bagged sizes, as well as a block and liquid spray. Stay tuned for more details and availability