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Cherry Bomb Spray
We get asked a lot exactly how are hunters using our new Cherry Bomb Spray? Our spray, has many uses as outlined below and it should be noted that as a “scent only” attractant it can be used in almost any state all year long. To demonstrate just how multipurpose the spray really is, here’s some ways hunters are using it with different bait restrictions. In states where hunters can bait during deer season, the spray can be used together with our Cherry Bomb feed attractant. Before climbing in the stand, spray a little more Cherry Bomb scent around the residual Cherry Bomb feed to amp up the aroma. The spray can be used if the wind is kind of marginal to both attract and help mask scent. In states where hunters can only use our Cherry Bomb feed attractant leading up to deer season, it works as a great trail cam survey tool, especially when combined with a Trophy Rock. Once seasons start and hunters are required to pull bait, hunters can turn to using the spray to attract deer by their noses thinking someone just put out a new pile of Cherry Bomb on the property. In states where it’s illegal to both hunt over bait and feed deer all year long, hunters can use the spray both a cover scent and as a “scent only” attractant. This is allowed in these states since it has nothing in it considered as bait, including salt or any other flavoring. Our spray is an aroma that most deer find curious and will walk over to check it out where sprayed. It can also be used in non-baiting states as a cover scent. As with any of products, we highly recommend you contact your local agencies to verify its use. We love to hear from our customers, so feel free to contact us with other useful purposes for the spray or feedback.

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