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Cherry Bomb – Late Season Bucks

Still have a tag burning a hole in your pocket? Try late season hunting with Cherry Bomb (where legal). Buck behavior is now driven by their bellies searching for food sources high in carbohydrates. Cherry Bomb may be just the ticket needed to get that buck you have been chasing all season long up on his feet and out in the open for a shot. Here are a few late season tips to remember; use a ground blind, be disciplined and don’t let them know they’re being hunted. Keep your Cherry Bomb stocked up and don’t let it run out more than a day. Often times once whey hit that site, they will keep coming back over and over making them much easier to pattern. Use your trail cameras to gather information on the sites they’re hitting. Try to avoid hunting mornings, usually if a hit list buck is at the Cherry Bomb two evenings in a row and the conditions are right, he will keep coming back this time of year. Using these tips above and Cherry Bomb, you could be tagging out soon on your late season hunt!

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