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It is always exciting when we get word from a happy customer that they have taken a world class buck. Ryan Bearn’s Ohio deer is most definitely in that class. We have known Ryan and the guys over at Managing Deer TV for quite some time now.

It was the summer of 2018 when Ryan first laid eyes on this buck using Trophy Rock in front of his trail cameras. As a young two-year-old the buck showed promise sporting split brows and a kicker to go with his ten-point frame. In 2019 Ryan captured the buck again on camera the very first night he poured out a bag of our new Cherry Bomb deer feed. The deer had grown into a much larger 160 class buck with eighteen scorable points. Ryan practiced a lot of restraint electing to pass on him at ten yards as a three-year-old.

After finding his shed antlers last spring Ryan had high hopes that this deer would become a fall hit lister. With a lot of preseason planning and drooling over trail cam photos, Ryan watched this buck develop into a deer of a lifetime. It put on more than sixty inches of antler during the summer.

On opening day Ryan was able to slip in his stand and get him on the ground with one well placed shot. The buck grossed 227” and has 25 scorable points. Ryan’s buck is a great example the role age and nutrition play with a buck who has the genetic potential of becoming a non-typical super star.