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Soil is made up of mineral particles, organic matter (living and non-living), water and air. A recent study found that U.S. soils contain 86% fewer minerals today than they did 100 years ago. Agronomists also estimate that 1% of America’s topsoil ends up in the ocean every year due to erosion. Farmers haven’t been able to restore to the soil the far majority of trace minerals their crops uptake and that heavy rains erode. It’s become a common belief that there is a direct correlation between the lack of trace minerals found in today’s crops and the steady increase in crop, animal and human diseases.

All Redmond Hunt products have over 60 macro and micro trace minerals mined from an ancient underground sea mineral deposit. It’s perfectly balanced and formulated by nature. Trophy Rock, Four65 and Hydro are products that wildlife either lick directly on or that drink free choice in a water tub to help naturally supplement their mineral needs. Plot Rock is a product that is broadcasted on top of the topsoil of food plots to supplement the mineral requirements in the soil to produce booming healthy plants that deer love to eat. So the next time you step foot on the farm you hunt consider supplementing it with one or more of our natural Redmond Hunt products.